Staff Scheduling & Shift Rotas For Your Retail Business with OneWizard

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Staff Scheduling & Shift Rotas For Your Retail Business with OneWizard

No longer do you need to manage antiquated spreadsheets or paper based rotas…

Save significant time and money by utilizing simple but incredibly powerful workforce scheduling across your entire organisation!

Manage your teams completely hassle free, with OneWizard’s digital online SaaS (software as a service) platform.

Schedule your onsite and remote workforce accurately and efficiently to ensure you have adequate resource in the right departments.

Manage shift groups, shift times, night shifts, and overtime with the click of a button.

Automate system alerts to notify you if at any time resource is scheduled lower than the norm.

Allow your team to access the portal and view their shift rota/work schedule – from any location, at any time – including a tablet or phone device.

Employees have the ability to shift swap using the system and a record created to notify other team members. Staff can also request changes to their scheduled hours and digitally submit these directly to their line manager for instant approval.

Achieve seamless integration into your existing payroll system and keep all data easily accessible and in one place.

OneWizard is easy to administer, increases productivity and provides full visibility and transparency across the business.

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OneWizard: One System, Endless Capabilities.