Business Operations – Time Management & Employee Accountability with OneWizard

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Business Operations – Time Management & Employee Accountability with OneWizard

OneWizard offers you one digital online SaaS (software as a service) platform, which allows your Production & Manufacturing company to closely monitor all your day to day operations; and alongside each, record information relating to the specific operator(s) responsible and the duration of each operation.

The system is designed to record the exact time spent on each operation / task carried out on a specific job. Operatives using the tablet software can very quickly record what they are working on and when they have finished, providing direct accountability and visibility across the business.

All team members can view information on current jobs and their progression, the estimated completion times and highlight any issues before they occur.

Evaluate an employee’s individual performance based on the system data, as well as the efficiency of the overall team.

Increase operator efficiency, accountability and in-depth traceability for your whole organisation.

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OneWizard: One System, Endless Capabilities.