Retail – Clocking Systems / Time & Attendance

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Retail – Clocking Systems / Time & Attendance

OneWizard can provide you with strong, powerful and reliable time capture capabilities, allowing your retail company to record and track the attendance of all your employees & associates and pinpoint exact and accurate clocking in and out of work times.

OneWizard’s digital online SaaS (software as a service) platform can capture your teams working hours with ease via pin code, face detection, biometric fingerprint or other specific applications.

Use our tablet or mobile app to record your employees, visitors & contractors attendance. Track when they arrive and leave all your work sites and optionally capture the time spent on specific tasks & projects.

Adaptable for remote workers, either on the road or at home, and applicable for multi-site companies and numerous teams.

Why not try us out and let us show you how OneWizard can revolutionise your time and attendance capabilities, plus many more areas of your business!

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