Calling all Production and Manufacturing Companies…

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Calling all Production and Manufacturing Companies…

Do you still rely on spreadsheets, antiquated databases, timesheets and paper forms to assist the running of your business?

Are you struggling to keep track of your day to day operations and discovering that key data is slipping through the net?

Are you looking to bring your organisation into a new, modern and efficient way of working?

Well look no further….at OneWizard we have you covered.

OneWizard offers you one digital online SaaS (software as a service) platform that provides a solution for all the above, and much more.

Our system will enable you to:

  • Digitise your entire production cycle
  • Manage all your core business operations
  • Standardise processes and automate repetition
  • Implement Quality Assurance checks and certification
  • Analyse team productivity
  • View production/job status and performance – in real time

OneWizard is designed to be adopted for any business model, can be used across multiple sites and teams, and customised outside the box in line with your specific needs.

All employees can access the system on portable tablets or mobile phones to record and track every day production line processes and the “live” status of all jobs can be viewed by the whole team within the OneWizard portal; from any location, at any time.

Gain instant notifications of any potential issues during a particular task and therefore have the ability to resolve and rectify immediately – on the go.

We provide one platform for all data, you can capture actual time spent on each task accurately, and increase operator efficiency.

Time is money – and OneWizard will save you both.

Click to view our Production & Job Module to discover more, or sign up for a free 7 day trial HERE and experience first hand how OneWizard can revolutionise your business ops!

OneWizard: One System, Endless Capabilities.