Remote Working During Covid-19

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Remote Working During Covid-19

In this current pandemic you are probably finding your team is frequently physically divided. You may have some employees predominately working full time from home, others in the office, some based out on the field, even maybe staff still on furlough.

Well at OneWizard we can provide the perfect solution to enable the many members of your team to work as one and have every area of your business running more smoothly than ever before…

OneWizard’s convenient and stylish in-depth digital platform enables you to successfully manage and control all your company’s day to day operations and processes and allow your entire workforce to access all the up to date key information they need anywhere, at any time.

Every individual within the system can have their own tasks and responsibilities assigned directly to them, with clearly defined personal targets and check lists, then manually confirm when a specific task is completed so the rest of the team and superiors can track their progress.

The system operates in real time so as soon as new information is added or any changes are made, all other users can see these updates instaneously which hugely reduces the risk of errors or duplicate information. There is also a “chat” feature so you are able to liaise with other members of your team whilst you are both logged into the system, regardless of location.

The OneWizard Online Portal can be logged in and viewed at any location, and you can also use the OneWizard App which can be downloaded on iPhone or Android to enter data from your mobile phone whilst out and about.

All sounds fantastic right?


• You can securely access the system from anywhere – even on your phone
• All employees using the same system from multiple locations
• OneWizard updates instantly and is “live”/ real-time for all users
• You can access and record information for every area of your company – e.g. employees, tasks, customers, suppliers, products.
• You can communicate with your team online and track progression

So why not sign up to OneWizard now for a 7 day free trial and see what we can do for you and your organisation?

OneWizard = One System, Endless Capabilities.